Grass, daisies and a dog



Home confinement

Its going quite well.  Actually the real concern is how simply I adapted to this way of life.  Not very different from my usual one, apart from tele-working’ which has also some advantages.

Of course, I have a garden and must bring out the dog twice every day, but still I feel I should miss something … but this is not really the case.

I remember other periods of semi-confinement as in Cambodia or Chad, but they were accompanied by a quite intense job activity and frequent travels.




What a pleasure to dry myself off sitting down in the bathroom still warm for the shower.

The key ingredient I missed during the last four years in Africa was the bathrobe, too bulky at 40 degrees.

Much more difficult to accomplish the task with a towel, especially when balance is not a trait and one has to be looking for a foothold. And much less enjoyable too.