The art of putting words together is an old and tricky one. But intriguing and satisfactory (sometimes). I remember that once I ‘framed’ a letter I wrote at the office, as it was a good example that it always exists a way to express something in writing. No matter how complicate or delicate or controversial the issue is.

Transferring this exercise in a stranger language is not simple, and the result is often contradictory. But the challenge is bigger and therefore more appealing.

Bureaucracy offers many occasions to test your ability, but the most stimulating are the letters to customer-support services, where a difficult equilibrium between rage, rationality and claim has to be pursued.

If such a service exists and is clearly indicated: try to find any reference to customers satisfaction in Alitalia’s web site??


Music selection

While writing this blog, I am listen to the assortment of songs I put together with Napster before and recently Win MX.

It?s quite a classic selection, nationalpopular, mainly Italian, mostly ?cantautori?, largely Guccini, De Gregori, De André.

Some Latin America: Mercedes Sosa, Inti Illimani, Chico Buarque. Together with Cesaria Evora.

I have looked for the music I have listen during my life, nothing special, Bob Marley, Pino Daniele, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, one edition of Sanremo.

I have also found some hits of I Giganti.

Gaber is quite well represented, as Lucio Battisti and Paul Simon. Of course, there is Biko, Depende, and Tonino Carotone.

One of the longest song is Arlo Guthrie?s Alice?s Restaurant.

I?m afraid there is not a lot published after 1979. I tried hard to find Freak out, but probably that was not the right title. Next time I will look for YMCA, it was funny.

Suggestion, as usual, welcomed.

Flower power

The blossom of flowers has got something magic, it really is an expression of power and magnificence, a sort of miracle.

And it lasts little, the flowers dry up soon and the glory of their birth is replaced by dust.

The other day I witnessed this occurrence, one of the orchids we bought finally got flowers, they were gorgeous. And the day after (look at the photo and try to visualize) they were already dry.


From A to Z

I was looking for an alphabet book to support a friend who’s trying to learn to read French.

First of all, it has to be said that learning French is a nightmare; the pronunciation create countless traps for the poor learner who get crazy trying to find a sense in that mess.

Then, the point is that alphabet books are generally directed to children, and to children who already know and speak well the language. But an adult knows animals’ names in his own language and not in French, therefore that option is not practical.

Not even the alphabet book I drew for my nephews was a possible choice, as the drawings are not clear enough, and the words sometimes too difficult.

Therefore, I created a personalised book, with objects the learner know, see and use everyday: car’s logos, publicity of beer, soap and other trivial entries.

Of course, some letter presents a challenge. Below is the X.

Am I getting Christian-democrat??

«I think it should be reminded that Iraqi elections are a positive collateral effect of a war organised with other objectives in mind, objectives then resulted false or tendentious. To reach these objectives, non reimbursable prices have been paid: thousand of victims, of injured, of orphans, all them holders of ‘future resentment’ as well as (or rather as bad as) of thousand of destroyed towns» Pierluigi Castagnetti, Europa, February 8

I would never have thought that I should have made recourse to the translation of a phrase of a Christian Democrat politician (as reported by l’Unità) to get a clear, effective and sharable opinion on the situation in Iraq. Adding that I will probably vote for Mr. Prodi at next elections, I really fear I’m becoming a Christian democrat.

Fate’s jokes.

Déjà vu

I am reading a book written by the chief of the UN military operation in Rwanda and I have the uncomfortable feeling of looking at something that could happen here.

The rigidity of the factions, the ?international community? elusiveness, the amount of time spent on trivial and meaningless matters, the difference between public stands and internal agendas are quite similar.

As well as the sense of impotence and frustration.

The wizard?s apprentice has created several monsters and now it?s difficult to keep them quiet.

Is there someone to help?

Screen life

It?s a strange way of life. The relation with the local environment mediated by the window, at home or in the car.

Because of security, for lack of energy, as it is more simple this way.

Form time to time, some relax in the garden, swimming pool and ping pong, even more distant from here.

Around the office the bats fly around in huge groups, and I wonder if they create the same problems as for petrol stations in Piazza Esedra.