The wrong person at the wrong place, again

Once again the Italian Minister for Environment (now ‘environmental transition’) is lobbying for a return to nuclear power.

How is it possible that we never get someone that speaks less and produce something more?

The blog note of 2012 is exactly the same I would publish today ….

The wrong person at the wrong place


The MarcoPolo syndrome

I arrived in Italy, that I will travel from North to South, just did few steps in open air (fine mountain air) and now feel as tired as if I had dug into a coal mine all day.

This is what I decided to call ‘MarcoPolo syndrome’: the traveller’s malaise going back on the road after a long period of home confinement.

I started in Aosta and will go down to Maratea and at each stop will try to find a local specialty to present here. The first one will follow soon.

Trumpeeno woke up

In a quite different context, Mr Renzi decided to go back to his characteristic disruptive attitude. Once again following the steps of his transatlantic accomplice.

In the middle of an epochal pandemia, he wants the Goverment to fall down with the only possible perspective to leave space to the more inadequate right ever seen in the Italian political arena.

It is clear to all that the criticism to the recovery plan or the reference to the MES are only a pretext.

Then he is not only disarranging the government but at the same time hindering a genuine critical debate on that crucial plan.

What a waste!