Opposition’s myopia

Here we are again. 

They are using the same technique: menacing meaningless, subversive and anti-constitutional measures on justice, just to create room for other, slightly less nasty regulations, which are eventually accepted as the lesser of two evils.

It worked just some months ago, when they were proposing to stop all trials with a possible sentence equivalent to that one risked by the prime minister.  It was clearly a ‘ballon d’essai’, a measure too absurd also for the very low standards of our republic.  But it was taken and treated seriously by most observers, opposition included, and when they opted for a law excluding criminal responsibility for the same man, our big chaps of opposition parties sighed with relief !

Now they flood back with another filthy proposal aiming to establish a very short time limit for all trials (better said: all trials comparable to that one of our pm).  The objective is the same: obtain criminal irresponsibility for the man that should guarantee a correct use of justice in our country.  What a shame. 

And again I see our opposition’s figures and papers to take it seriously; ready to accept a re-proposal of the same law, this time with explicit agreement and vote from all parties.  And these opposition’s trombones are so stupid that are contributing creating the legend of a President of Chamber constituting a boundary against the subversive proposals of his associate.  The same man that little time ago said he wouldn’t had noting more to do with the other, and after less than a while dissolved his party to join the freedom people.  

Is there a politician along the booth?



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