We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants



Culture on sales?

Yesterday Barcelona Forum Universal de las Culturas has been inaugurated.

The king and the city major, in their speeches, called citizens of all countries to join the Forum, which aim to dialogue and gathering among people of different religion, ideas, principles.

The role of the town of Barcelona has also been emphasized.

Nevertheless, access to the Forum is not open. Everyone has to pay 21 euro just to enter the arena, adding more to take part in a debate (to dialogue with Jorge Valdano, 72 euro and (¡sich!) 60 for Josè Saramago).

Moreover, once entered, you can’t go out and come back afterwards. And it is forbidden to bring food or drinks; you have to buy the multicultural meals sold by the organization, with the consultancy of Ferran Adrià.

Below, the comment by today edition of El Pais.