Black and white 2

Of course, there is the historical heritage of the exploitation black people suffered by white people, and this need to be acknowledged, taken into consideration and, in some way, repaid.

With special intensity in certain places but almost everywhere, black and white does matter still a lot.

But my point was that once ‘repaid’ the crimes committed in the past (and the present) by white people against black people and once enforced by law and culture a substantial equality of rights and opportunities, racism will not disappear, it will remain and transform. Because racism, or the fear for the different, is connaturated with the human being.


Moving statues

I think there is something healthy in this discussion about statues we are used to have in our cities, sometimes without clearly understanding why they are there.

It obliges to a reconsideration of what is worth celebrating at our time but also oblige us to acknowledge that human beings (to whom those statues are usually dedicated) are never fully consensual and in the life of everyone (even the saints, as reminded today by a journalist) there is some controversial aspect.

One would hope that this discussion happen within a rational and calm atmosphere, but this is really asking too much today.

Black and white

I dont’t think the problem is black and white.
Black people are not less racist than white people.
The problem is the human being and the power.
Managing power is a difficult exercise and one should never count on the self-restrain of those in power position.
The only chance is to fix clear rules to limit the power and to monitor permanently the exercise of that power, with the contribution of everybody: opposition parties, trade unions, media, civil society, a proactive citizenship.
And education is the key tool, then investing in the school world and other systems of learning.

And, of course, the economy.