Family olive tree 2

In the eighties my father brought two young olive trees from Picerno to Roma to be planted somewhere.

They were put into big terracotta pots awaiting to be planted.

Years passed, one of the olive tree died and the second one remained on my mother’s balcony.

It didn’t grow much but was producing many offshots.

When we bought our garden apartment in Bruxelles, in the new century, we transfered some of those to see if they would have resisted Belgian different climate.

One actually did, and was still alive when the original olive tree dried up in Roma, few weeks after my mother’s departure.

Then a very cold winter came and the last of its breed gave up.

But then, just around Easter time, new life came up

and this year we finally had the first harvest.

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or I as International Juridical Organization for Environment and Development

In the late 80s I found my first job at IJO, an organization created by a lawyer based in Roma, Avv. Mario Gutierres.

He was quite successful dealing with separations and divorces of famous people, but had a penchant for international affairs. One of the few people I met in that world who was spending money with international cooperation rather than making it.

He was also member of the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity, based in Moscow at Gorbachev time; Sakharov was also a member.

I remember we were exchanging messages with Moscow and Washington from the lawyer’s studio, with one of the first modem, just few words at a very slow and irregular pace. We were using Greennet, an antecedent to what is now known as Internet and did not existed at the time.

At a very little scale, but it was history. I also attended the European preparation meeting in Paris for the first Earth Summit in Rio. Remember a concert of Mory Kante.