G as Great Game

The Great Game (lousy translation for the Italian ‘Grande Gioco’; which as the advantage to keep the double G initial, though) is an amazing experience of the scout tradition.

Usually, it consisted of a half day activity, with the group divided in two factions fighting for the accomplishment of some objective.

Strategy, strength, shrewdness, group-relation, mutual trust, role-playing, patience and some courage were involved.

Even more in the night version: ‘Grande Gioco Notturno’, when the darkness and the ability to move in an unknown environment contributed to the excitement.

There were different fighting techniques, and most of the time the introduction to the Game was a story about some exotic and long-lasting conflict.

It was something magic, especially at the beginning (8-9 years old) but also when planning and managing the activity as an adult.

I think those games served to prepare for other kind of endeavour later on.


F as Finger (the small one)

I broke my little finger playing volleyball.  It couldn’t stand right, but tended to bow.  No pain, though.

I went to the hospital and they said that a chirurgical intervention was needed.

I politely declined.   

Then my mother suggested keeping it straight with an ice cream stick (actually it was a ‘cremino’). 

And it worked. 

I can’t recognize one from the other anymore.


I know, this is not the small one ….