H as Hair

The one point my mother was very sensitive to (and very inflexible with) is hair.

Notwithstanding the actual state or length of my thatch, a reference to it has always been the first remark at any reunion.

As a reaction, I stopped using and actually owing a comb at the age of 14, and I never regretted it.

In Cambodia, I thought being finally free to let grow my hair without nasty comments and recurring injunctions.  But people in the village felt concerned too and started calling me “Sok wegn” meaning Long Hair.

Then, a progressive whitening and rarefaction process started and is still going on.

I wouldn’t mind to end up with a semi bold head, which to me entail a certain degree of respectability and wisdom. 


Tribute to Catalans

It was not a simple election that one held yesterday in Catalunya.

Mr Mas tried to take advantage of the nationalistic impetus to make people forget the very strong austerity measures and the very bad situation of public finance in the region.

Once again, Catalans showed their democratic stature, confirmed not to be simple to cheat, and did put things in their place, strongly penalising Mr Mas party and pushing up the movement that has always advocated for independence.

How would now Mas be able to implement his restriction policies without counting on the friendly support of the very centralist Popular Party needs to be seen.  Those who play with the fire do generally get burned.  Let’s hope that the flames don’t spread …..