It’s all an eating eating

The magazine Diario advertise itself telling that, if you (the reader) recently joined a dinner where someone pronounced the phrase giving the title to this blog, you really need to subscribe to that source of fresh and accurate information.

I like Diario very much, but lately I am quite keen in using myself that expression, as one of the key for interpretation of the global society.

Another one is obviously the idiom the cleanest has got scabies, adapted to describe the sector of public works as well as the political arena.

And the third one, much more optimistic and constructive is: who’ll kill us…..

It is surprising how many occasions you have to use one of these categories to represent events occurring here or in country.

And almost everyday you may also take advantage of them to describe your own deeds.


Eating by hands

In my neighbourhood, the majority of people still eat by hands.

I tried once near Reo to have rice sauce with my fingers, and the experience was not unpleasant.

Of course, the psychological burden of childhood’s first commandment: do not eat by your hands converted this incident in a cultural shock.

Eating by hands could look as an uneducated behaviour, but is not. You have to wash carefully your hands before and after the meal and there are some more rules of etiquette, especially if you are sharing the bowl with others (that is the natural African complement to this way of eating).

If you enjoyed the chopsticks Chinese way, now try your fingers, you’ll not regret.

March 16