The migrant shopping list on the way home ….


Home confinement

Its going quite well.  Actually the real concern is how simply I adapted to this way of life.  Not very different from my usual one, apart from tele-working’ which has also some advantages.

Of course, I have a garden and must bring out the dog twice every day, but still I feel I should miss something … but this is not really the case.

I remember other periods of semi-confinement as in Cambodia or Chad, but they were accompanied by a quite intense job activity and frequent travels.



At home

First, I got a cold. Then, exchange of messages, greetings, stories. During this time friends got married, changed job, someone began the genuine adventure of having a baby.
Nothing is really different, neither am I. I wonder if this is good or not.

Back home

The ‘mother-driven’ evacuation process worked well, and I am now back to Barcelona (preferring to meet at the airport mr Zapatero rather then the new Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Ivory Coast is now on the edge of a disaster. Wish a slow, unclear and imperfect but peaceful solution.

Home exchange

Our apartment in Barcelona is not very large and not very central. But there are two bedrooms and a living room and the metro station is only 300 meters away. The Ramblas, Port Olimpic and the Barrio Gotico are only 10-15 minutes away. There is a sea view from one of the windows and we have an old bicycle you can use to get around.

From May to September our neighbourhood will be the very centre of the town, as we are just 500 meters from the Forum 2004 (Forum Universal de las Culturas) where are scheduled concerts (Sting, BB King,Cheb Kaled, Bob Dylan, Cesaria Evora) Expositions (the Chinese Xi’an warriors, “world voices”), debates (on peace, development, globalization, cultural diversity) and all sorts of activities.
For the programme go to

We would like to do a house exchange for 1 to 3 weeks, anywhere in Europe, during the summer season.

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