What did you do?

Indeed one day we will have to answer to that question and to show what we did to stop that barbarity. Not the only one, but one that concerns each of us closely as we are all migrants in one or another way.
I am not sure I have a suitable answer.



 For Mandela 70th anniversary we organised a sort of celebration in the ‘Pincio’ terrace.  The idea was to paint a giant greetings card with all people passing by and interested in taking part.  Nobody could imagine that only few years later he would have been the first legitimate South African President.  And nobody would have hoped that he could match up with his own legend.  But he did.  Yesterday there was a movie on Mandela’s life on television.  And, of course, they showed the images of those first elections.  And I was able to say: I was there.

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