What a pleasure to dry myself off sitting down in the bathroom still warm for the shower.

The key ingredient I missed during the last four years in Africa was the bathrobe, too bulky at 40 degrees.

Much more difficult to accomplish the task with a towel, especially when balance is not a trait and one has to be looking for a foothold. And much less enjoyable too.


Voters are not stupid

There is the belief that voters around the globe are an idiotic mass, simple to manipulate and not able to choose according to their interests or principles.

Still, many examples in very different countries show that this is not the case, that people vote, possibly in a way that observers don’t understand or don’t like, but following a logic.

The last example is the differential vote in Barcelona between European and Municipal elections.

A fully different  result even if in an environment deeply affected by ideological and pre-political approaches that should have dictated univocal behavior.

That was not the case.  See those results below, from newspaper La Vanguardia



X as multiplication

At primary school I was strong in mathematics.
Later, I progressively lost interest for scientifical topics and focused on humanities.

Of course, the teachers at secondary level were not very inspiring, but it is also true that I found difficult (and still do) understanding formulas and abstract theories.

Actually, the same apply for philosophical or artistic theories.  I tend to shy away from more complex reasoning; not sure if that is for laziness or structural limits.

Also, I am not particularly ambitious.

I wondered sometimes where I would be if I had pursued one determined purpose with everything I had got.

Probably, in the same place.