On 7 March 2005 in a note concerning What can still change the world, I  suggested subscribing to honest media as an useful tool.

Now it is the time.  Of course, Il Manifesto is not always easy to read, and often one thinks that if you want to survive you have to find a way to get to reader attention, to be considered as an everyday necessity or a pleasure.

But it is also true that when something important happen, an automatic reflex is to check what they think about it, being sure to get some different opinion.

Then I will subscribe, and I advise everybody to do the same.  And afterwords to pretend more from the editorial group.





PS, it is possible to subscribe to the web edition, within crisis salaries reach……..



When I wake up I go to the kitchen.

I lift up one of the two curtains which overlook the garden and I say hello to the dog.

Then I put water in the electric kettle and arrange  two tea cups close by, one of them with a tea bag.

When water is boiling, I pour it in the cup (that one with the tea inside) and then I do my gym exercises, always the same.

Exercise lasts just the time for the tea to be ready; at this point I pass the hot beverage from one cup to the other nine times in order to cool it down. I start with the full cup on my left hand.

Of course, before that I had squeezed the tea bag around a little spoon, possibly the transparent one.

After the refreshing procedure, I put the cup left empty in the sink and fill it up with the remaining hot water.  In the meantime I lay the other cup on a spongy tissue, in order to dry possible tea drops off.

Then, going to the table with this cup in my right hand I throw away the exhausted tea bag (with the left one, the hand).

Biscuits can be already on the table or I bring them now.

I eat several biscuits, Maria biscuits, and then go back to the sink and wash up the two cups with the water, that is now just warm .

Then I go back to the bedroom to put on one of my numerous and colourful ties.