One of the local dishes is the fried banana that you may admire below.

It’s good, it’s sweet, it’s fried and oily and wouldn’t be welcomed at the annual lunch of the World association of nutritionist.

Fried food is common on the Ivorian table, banana, igname, potatoes and any sort of meat.

Sometimes, to have a break, I have dinner with an apple.


it’s hot

OK, here is Africa, therefore it’s hot. But until now the weather was kind, not warm not fresh, and it was understandable to expect the same for the following weeks.

But not. It is hot, perhaps not as hot as in N’djamena, neither as some months in Cambodia, but quite hot. Hottish.

Luckily my new car (I have got it now, see it below) has got la clim, so that, challenging the notorious weakness of my throat, I can survive. So far.


new car

Thursday night I invited the friends out for dinner, to celebrate the purchase of my new car.
We went to the Lebanese restaurant and the food was very good. We had chicken marinated in garlic and lemon, the meze and some desserts.
The place was nice, the people pleasant and everything was OK.

Except for the fact that I had no new car.

After a long wait, and having in my hands the car’s documentation and the photocopy of the owner’s ID with photo, I noticed that that man was not the same I had in front of me.
He said he was a representative, I could speak with his wife, I could visit his home.
Surprised for my surprise the man left to get hold of the owner.

They are not back, so far.