or D as drawing …..

Another note for D could have more conspicuously been dedicated to Drawing.  As I have always drawn, and everywhere.

As many others do, when attending a meeting or a conference I fill the borders of any page with doodles.

Sometimes there was reference to politics,




















other times with feelings








or any other subject







In some cases sketches made it to the text, as in language lessons


or sometimes, I singled out some scribble for some reason, ready to use.



























Sometimes I used drawing for a purpose, as in this rough business card,















Or in this one …










Often they were, and are faces









And the advent of colours added a lot











The new technologies represented a jump forward, both for the actual drawing













but also for the possibility to scan the handmade drawing and treat them digitally, adding text











or producing new products











I soon created my own logo



to be replicated in many of my later productions.


At a certain point, I started drawing in a more structured way, using an Indian ink pen for the main line and small pencils (Japanese ones) for the colours.

That way, I had souvenirs, from several places and countries; I especially remember some drawing from Budapest with locally acquired pastels.

Other examples are scattered through the blog.  Then I began using some of the drawing as character for the stories, and so came full circle.  But here we are rather at T as tales ……