At the bottom of the ditch

How is that we found ourselves devouring a ‘paella’ in the car in a parking spot.

Ma chi l avesse detto, sora lella
de ritrovasse de sabbato n'serata
ner parcheggio a magnasse 'na paella.

Perche' nel mezzo de sta gran sfebbrata,
tutti quanti a guarda' si s'ariscalla,
solo speranno passi la nottata.

Nun c'a' facemo piu, questo va detto
de tenesse appizzati a quattro metri
co' quarche stronzo che… piange de petto
manco fosse fra cazzo da velletri

Ma dite che finisce co 'na sleppa?
Che 'n fonno ar fosso pieghi, manni, spinga?
Oppure che ce pensa sora peppa,
co' bella stretta 'n mano 'na siringa?


While I was living in this remote village in north-western Cambodia, I had a family of neighbours with several children.
One more was born during my staying there and they called him Samnang, ‘the lucky one’.
They were one of the poorest family in the village though and the mother, who dearly loved all her children, proposed me to bring Samnang with me in Europe.
I politely refused but promised to help her. Tried to find a job for his father.
4 years after, I travelled to that village and met Samnang and his mother and renewed my promise to help.
Internet had arrived in the nearby provincial town and I instructed one of those who had worked with me to use e-mail and was sending some money with western union.
But the communication was difficult, I was never sure if the money had arrived and problems started between the mother and my former employee, so at a certain point I stopped.
After 2 or 3 years I travelled there again and met the lady.
But Samnang had passed away, some disease, as had happened for other children of her.
Yes, I could have done more.

A sonnet

My old friend Pordo by MN
 He had that elegant stride,
 trembling on the road under his coat,
 some shitting and pissing on the ride
 then he would put his chin above your cloth.
 In that eye there was the flat,
 so mighty, peaceful, never-ending
 When recalling that overwhelming heat
 with one ear up and the other pending.
 To you, some valley’s talk was strain
 and deaf an ear you had to pretend 
 Not having to reply: Je suis Africain!
 Cannot finish this way my Pordo Friend 
 You take and go away, is this humane?
 I am not forgetting you until the end. 

Translation by PS
Picture by MLMC

Viva i ‘responsabili’!

I never liked those who change side in Parliament, in some way betraying their voters, often just to continue receiving a generous salary.

But this time those who betrayed their voters are Renzi’s senators, who were elected in the list of the Democratic party.

Then, if there will be a group of parliamentarians ready to support the government, I will be happy.

Possibly avoiding the professional swoppers, but in time of crisis one cannot be (too much) difficult.

Trumpeeno woke up

In a quite different context, Mr Renzi decided to go back to his characteristic disruptive attitude. Once again following the steps of his transatlantic accomplice.

In the middle of an epochal pandemia, he wants the Goverment to fall down with the only possible perspective to leave space to the more inadequate right ever seen in the Italian political arena.

It is clear to all that the criticism to the recovery plan or the reference to the MES are only a pretext.

Then he is not only disarranging the government but at the same time hindering a genuine critical debate on that crucial plan.

What a waste!