News for free

Also Barcelona has its own free-paper.
It?s called ?20 minutes? and it?s not bad, quite complete.
They distribute it through little boxes on the street. In my part of Rambla Prim you could find it at the photo shop. But you had to be fast, as gangs of pensioners were waiting for it, in more or less ordered way, and every edition run out almost immediately.
All this was happening until the Forum 2004 opened. At present, an El Pais promotion distributes free copy of the tabloid to the visitors. The flocks of pensioners now migrate daily to the forum?s entrance to get their fresh newspaper.
And we join the cue.

Troy on the beach

We knew that a Hollywoodian version of Iliade assured disappointment.
But reducing a history of years to a week end on the beach is too much.
Where is the gods? influence that decides and determines everything? And what about Cassandra, the most cinematographic character of the myth? And those faces, coming from Braveheart, the Lord of Rings and Mc Donald, what have they to do with the ancient Greeks and their enemies?

Please, don’t go.

Religion: googlist

Dear friends, google’s surprises have not an end.
Did you know the service Google news?
I didn’t.
It’s as fast and effective as the general search, also if not all sources are present (I assume the main private media doesn’t like to be ‘utilised’ by others).
However, you can find in one second a lot of fresh news about the issue you are interested in. And you can choose among several different languages.
Furthermore, you can ask to receive updated information on that specific subject, once per day or more frequently.
This is a turning point: definitely I am a googlist.

Riferimenti: Here it is

Homer Simpson is my hero

There are several features which bring together me and Homer. His wife’s name is Marge, their dog is probably a greyhound, and above all we have a similar attitude towards life.

He is lazy, and on my business card I mentioned idler as specialization.

He does not contribute much to house cleaning; my task at home is wash dishing….within a 48 hours deadline.

He doesn.t bother with his personal care. I do not own a comb from the age of 14.

Of course, I have not is thoughtlessness (despreocupación in castellano, very interesting word) and his heavy levity, but I am working on it.


Sex bomb

Elsa Pataki is said to be the sexiest woman in Spain.

In a recent interview in the Catalan TV, she said that her web site counts every day more than 40.000 visits.

This reminded me of some Italian weekly magazine, which declared that their circulation doubled when a beautiful and undressed girl was on the cover page.

As a test, I gave a showy title to this blog note and attached a photo of Elsa, in order to check how many people will read this note (so far, maximum 20).

Wait and see.

Fiction pals

How many of your friends do you see every week (or every day)? And how would you call persons whose life occurrences you comment regularly with other people? Today’s serial champions enter every home and are subject of gossip, sharing, sorrow, especially when they disappear. Is not this friendship? Someone could object that this relationship is not a reciprocal one. But what about falling in love for someone who does not care at all? Certainly, there is not possibility of physical interaction or at least eye contact. But, what about e-mail relations? Previously, one might identify with the adventures of the characters of literature, the precursors of these fiction pals. Who did not cry for Nemececk? But now you can see the people and follow their growing up, aging, sometimes dying (really, not according to the script).
It is a new era. Better the old one?

Culture on sales?

Yesterday Barcelona Forum Universal de las Culturas has been inaugurated.

The king and the city major, in their speeches, called citizens of all countries to join the Forum, which aim to dialogue and gathering among people of different religion, ideas, principles.

The role of the town of Barcelona has also been emphasized.

Nevertheless, access to the Forum is not open. Everyone has to pay 21 euro just to enter the arena, adding more to take part in a debate (to dialogue with Jorge Valdano, 72 euro and (¡sich!) 60 for Josè Saramago).

Moreover, once entered, you can’t go out and come back afterwards. And it is forbidden to bring food or drinks; you have to buy the multicultural meals sold by the organization, with the consultancy of Ferran Adrià.

Below, the comment by today edition of El Pais.