In the office



Black and white

I dont’t think the problem is black and white.
Black people are not less racist than white people.
The problem is the human being and the power.
Managing power is a difficult exercise and one should never count on the self-restrain of those in power position.
The only chance is to fix clear rules to limit the power and to monitor permanently the exercise of that power, with the contribution of everybody: opposition parties, trade unions, media, civil society, a proactive citizenship.
And education is the key tool, then investing in the school world and other systems of learning.

And, of course, the economy.

Home confinement

Its going quite well.  Actually the real concern is how simply I adapted to this way of life.  Not very different from my usual one, apart from tele-working’ which has also some advantages.

Of course, I have a garden and must bring out the dog twice every day, but still I feel I should miss something … but this is not really the case.

I remember other periods of semi-confinement as in Cambodia or Chad, but they were accompanied by a quite intense job activity and frequent travels.