Referendum: good news

Italian media are celebrating the ‘victory’ of the abstentionist faction at the referendum on medically assisted procreation.

I wonder: if they really represented the majority, why didn’t they go to the polling stations to vote NO ?

Would they have won?

Then, a political or ethical option has not won yesterday in Italy.

The winner is the lazy, unuseful, apolitical, unengaged, TV-corrupted section of the population.

Joined, for this occasion, by some lazy, opportunist, clerical, pavid political figures, already working to capitalise their move.

Nevertheless, 12 millions citizens considered seriously their responsabilities, voting yes or not.

This is good news.


News for free

Also Barcelona has its own free-paper.
It?s called ?20 minutes? and it?s not bad, quite complete.
They distribute it through little boxes on the street. In my part of Rambla Prim you could find it at the photo shop. But you had to be fast, as gangs of pensioners were waiting for it, in more or less ordered way, and every edition run out almost immediately.
All this was happening until the Forum 2004 opened. At present, an El Pais promotion distributes free copy of the tabloid to the visitors. The flocks of pensioners now migrate daily to the forum?s entrance to get their fresh newspaper.
And we join the cue.