The poors are back

Younger, there was a prayer which upset me.

It was the cry of someone saying that he tried to be good, and to help people in need, but the poors were more and more, pretending more and more. Space, attention, money, time.

Is it possible to be altruistic until a certain limit? Or it is just a good or bad stance ?

In Kinshasa the poors come next to where the wealthy people live.

Their main weapon is their insistence. Psychological pressure, using their life, their problems as propaganda devices; they might have been trained by some advertising guru.

What to do?


Back home

The ‘mother-driven’ evacuation process worked well, and I am now back to Barcelona (preferring to meet at the airport mr Zapatero rather then the new Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Ivory Coast is now on the edge of a disaster. Wish a slow, unclear and imperfect but peaceful solution.