I’ve got stones

Some nights ago I woke up in pain.

It was not for humankind general situation neither for the current Italian political circumstances; the soreness was coming from inside. No, not from my soul, but from the kidneys. Actually, the right one.

I have got stones. Four of them, from 0,2 to 0,4 centimetres.

Back on the Coast I’ll have to make use of a ‘lithotripsy’ machine. Good luck to me.


Referendum: good news

Italian media are celebrating the ‘victory’ of the abstentionist faction at the referendum on medically assisted procreation.

I wonder: if they really represented the majority, why didn’t they go to the polling stations to vote NO ?

Would they have won?

Then, a political or ethical option has not won yesterday in Italy.

The winner is the lazy, unuseful, apolitical, unengaged, TV-corrupted section of the population.

Joined, for this occasion, by some lazy, opportunist, clerical, pavid political figures, already working to capitalise their move.

Nevertheless, 12 millions citizens considered seriously their responsabilities, voting yes or not.

This is good news.

Support Committee for Rutelli in Ivory Coast

Following the recent enlightening positions taken by Francesco Rutelli on various issues, we, Italian expatriates in Abidjan, decide the establishment of a Support Committee for Francesco Rutelli in Ivory Coast.

In fact, we would like to send Rutelli in this African country, so that he does not represent anymore a menace for the residual hope of a coherent and rational political debate in Italy.

To join the Committee, open the window and shout strong and clear: Rutelli, vattenn…..

The bather 2

One year ago (July 2004), I published a picture of a bather in order to celebrate the advent of summer.

Nowadays I present a variation on the same topic, for the first day of June.

Here there is no sun, the sky is covered by clouds and it will goes on this way until September. While I’m writing it started to rain.

The sketch is less sophisticated than the previous one (???), but perhaps more intelligible.

Red is the nose.