The fatal attraction of the shortcut

In Italy the left during the last 20 years was permanently looking for a shortcut to get to (and remain into) government.
The last in time is Mr. Renzi, who has got none of the characteristics a leader of the left faction should have, but seems to be the only one who can win.
Win to do what? The same policies?
The work of politics: building support in the country around a realistic but also inspiring political programme, is no more considered an option.
They want to win fast, and they are doomed to loose immediately after.


Life mapping

I am not very good in orienteering.  Therefore, when in a new place, I feel more comfortable if I have a map of the area.

Maybe for getting the right direction in one’s own life, it could be useful to draw a life map, indicating the landmarks,  the currents influencing the temperature, the lines indicating the highness etc.

Of course, it would be necessary to introduce elements from the past, but suitable solutions could certainly be found.

The aim could be identifying what is more important and making a distinction between milestones and pebbles.

In some way, that should not be too different from preparing an astral card, based on the position of the stars at the moment of birth.