Time goes by


Approaching a third life

During my first life I evolved in a very tiny area including all the places I had to go to (schools, home, civil service, university, boy scouts, the first job). It was an area of approximately 10 square kilometres.

In my second life I travelled the world: more than 20 countries in 4 continents (missing Oceania and Antarctic). Here is the list: Cambodia, South Africa, Mozambique, Macedonia, Guatemala, Bosnia, Albania, Palestine, Spain, UK, Chad, Togo, Cambodia, Botswana, Moldova, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malawi, Belgium, Cambodia again, Ivory Coast (twice), Congo, Venezuela).

As for now, I am close to my third life; for the first time an indeterminate-time contract (‘il posto’), pension scheme, paid holidays, etc.

I should stay 4 years in the same place and then swap over to another country, for 3 or 4 times, until getting to my 4th life.

(à suivre)?..

Screen life

It?s a strange way of life. The relation with the local environment mediated by the window, at home or in the car.

Because of security, for lack of energy, as it is more simple this way.

Form time to time, some relax in the garden, swimming pool and ping pong, even more distant from here.

Around the office the bats fly around in huge groups, and I wonder if they create the same problems as for petrol stations in Piazza Esedra.