The Trumpeeno

Mr Renzi bad political manners got reinforced from the US example.

After having brutally knocked off his predecessor and denied any space to his (quite unfit) internal party opposition, he is now viciously sidestepping his party’s government majority partners (very unfit too).

This confirms, if there was yet any doubt, that his perspective is a hung parliament, a coalition with the remains of forza italia and then the organic incorporation of that political area into the nation’s party.
Or better the renzi’s party.

Would the option of having in government a shady movement autocratically managed by two not elected people be a worse option?
But the difference is blowing over day after day.

Renzi’s strategy

Renzi’s strategy is clear. Now that he got liberated from a (supposedly) leftist component of the party, he will go for a coalition government with Berlusconi after the next elections in order to claim what is actually his own: the forza italia electorate that now has no more obstacles in identifying Renzi as the best follower of Berlusconi (non) policies.
Of course, he will tell that he is obliged to this unnatural move by the uncertain electoral results. But we know better.
Would the Democratic party members resist to this infamous perspective? Having observed the sudden alignment behind his winning drive (???) I have very little hope.
Would the area in the left be able to regroup and present itself with a convincing political message? No need for an answer……..