It is not possible ….

The only strong point of Mr Renzi was to present himself as a new one, different from the old politicians and their tricks.

And now he is doing the same as those he wanted to dismantle: going to government without a vote, stealing the post to a fellow (and relatively ‘fresher’) party man and going to government with the support of ‘diversely berlusconian’ party.

Moreover, the alleged list of ‘new’ ministries is a collage of approximation, partisanship, opportunism and spoil system.

How be surprised by the support for populist movements and anti-system figures (ready to accommodate themselves to the system privileges and practices)?

One of these movements arrived in the Parliament proclaiming complete transparency on decisions and boycott of media, and now they are obviously pleased to stay all time in television, while their decision are taken in the most obscure of ways.

Few steps separate Italian situation from an institutional collapse and unfortunately there are not many working against that perspective.