Q as quack

I have always been a cartoons aficionado. Probably because of their immediacy or because it was more easy than reading a book (but I was a big book-reader too).

The first were probably from the ‘Giornalino’ a comics review oddly distributed in churches, where there were good stories such as those of Blueberry or Michel Vaillant, Lucky Luke or the Schtroumpfs. And Coccobill. And one in some Arab country with a shrewd Gran Vizir, don’t remember any name …..

But maybe even before that I read Il signor Bonaventura and someone (perhaps Auntie Concetta?) gave me as a gift the book entitled Fortunello, la Checca e i loro amici …..

Later on, war stories and Nonna Abelarda, Geppo the young devil, Cucciolo and Tirammolla. And more elaborated series such as Bleck Macigno and Captain Miki.

At this time, or a bit later, there was of course Topolino, I was reading it regularly but never kept a collection. The following step was represented by Tex Willer and Zagor, but at the same time I discovered Alan Ford and the stories in the ‘Intrepido’ or ‘Il monello’.

Some cousins of mine were reading Linus, at the beginning another world, then I get used to it. The Peanuts were among my favorites and the Mondadori Oscar book Il bambino a una dimensione was a reference. And Mafalda.

And Popeye, Beetle Bailey, Andy Capp. Some of these booklets accompanied me for many years. For a carnival party I once dressed up as Corto Maltese, one of my best costumes ever.

And the superheroes: Spider Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four.

The only collection I ever kept was that one of Tex, which I exchanged for the Russian zoom lens. But recently I have bought the series of different comics published by main newspapers in Italy.

I still like reading comic strips, unfortunately there are no more magazines worth buying it.