No weather for Lucania

We are now in 2010, but still, at TV weather forecasting, data from Potenza are often referred to as np (not received/non pervenuti) and I wonder why.
Which insurmountable impediment can repeatedly prevent that trivial information to get to the TV editorial desk?
Wouldn’t a simple telephone call be enough if other, more sophisticated means, fell short?
Meanwhile, we remain in the ignorance.
Take an umbrella ………


Shoot the poor

There are those incredible headlines for news regarding Lybian guards shooting on Italian fishers’ boat.
Almost all of them insist on them being fishers (and Italians) and not clandestines.
As it would be normal to shoot to a boat transporting clandestines, as if they do not count as possible human victimes.
Another war has started?


Some issues come up cyclically.  On 27 April 2004 I wrote a blog called Home exchange. I proposed our flat in Barcelona in exchange for some place somewhere in the world.

This year we have experimented the exchanging, first at the Cervino mountain and then at Lanzarote and it worked well.

And there is this story I am writing on heritage’s abolition: started in Chad, carried on in Ivory Coast and now alive again, in Belgium.

Now and then,I find some notes or some letter where I am reflecting on ideas or activities that I am again dealing with some years later.

Bad, good?  Who knows?


Where are there?  Why there are no more persons that people could listen at and may be disagree with;  respecting them anyway.

People who could take positions going against the mainstream but not just to be in the next TV show or to ‘cash up’ after few minutes.

Pasolini, Sciascia, Moravia: one could like them or not, agree or not , but they did exist and played a role.

Now their role is taken by comedians, TV figures and fotball players.

Intellect seems not to be a valuable asset for the future.  Poor us.