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No Monti 2

Thanks, Mr Landini, for recalling to Mr Monti and to all Italians that using the difficulties of FIAT workers (without mentioning the discrimination, the promises of investment not kept, the betrayed guarantees that the special system proposed for Pomigliano wouldn’t be extended to the other factories) for launching his own electoral campaign, while still being a ‘technical’ premier, is not a very elegant action.

No Monti

Of course, we would appreciate that the right in Italy would be that one of Mario Monti.

A right that we wouldn’t like, wouldn’t vote but from which we shouldn’t expect subversive actions as from the actual one. Even because, apart from personal interests or confuse ideas, there is not a lot the right should not be happy already with the actual system. Monti could just perfect the overall control that (bad) finance and money power have got on the political and institutional scene in Italy (and in Europe).

But he arrived at the government solemnly affirming that he would not have run for the successive elections, and we are tired of people not doing what they say.

In any case, we are sure that Mario will not explicitly take part, that’s not his style (and probably is not in his interest now). He will not deny, will show up where he shouldn’t (as in the PPE summit) will meet with the church, the industry people, the usual suspects and will let other doing the dirty job. Ready to get the results afterwards.

We would have expected more. May be we still do.