Dreams come true. Nearly.

Almost 40 years ago, we were discussing with friends in Torvajanica about the set-up of future towns.

And we were imagining that one day one could find on the road small cars available for everybody, where you could enter, insert your identity card and travel wherever you wanted (in the town, of course). Then, the car could have been left there for another citizen. 

Collective possession, respect for environment and quality of air; sustainable economy.

Close to the office where I am working at present, I have seen that dream materialize.  Electric cars available for anybody to go anywhere.

Just one small difference: one has not to insert his document for identity but the credit card instead. 

It really is a different world from that we dreamed of.


See the previous note: You are what you own


The telematic ‘piazza’

Several political movements, newspapers, commentators, sing the praises of internet as new center of the political debate.

They would also like to entrust the assumption of important decisions to the net, and there are already some examples regarding the impeachment of members of parliament.

I wonder if this people have ever looked at comments following an article on any digital media. The discussion tone reminds the devilish crowd dancing around a witches’ pyre rather than a constructive debate in the Athenian agora.

K as Kampuchea

Kampuchea, or Cambodia or prateh kmae, represents my sliding door.

Before, life enclosed in a few km squared area: home, school and politics, scouts, university, civilian service, the first job, everything next to each other.

Then, the first 4 missions in 4 different continents (Cambodia, South Africa, Guatemala and Bosnia) and a permanent wandering from country to country.

Among all new experiences, people and tastes I remember Chamroeun, the Interpreter (from French), a long and terrible life held in his eyes.

k as