Upside down world

Reality overcomes fiction, we know it.

But a plot based on the aggression by the ‘freedom fighters’ against the freshly unchained hostage and the ‘trustable ally’s secret service would have been declined by any sensitive producer.

Why that happened? The answer is simple. The war.

War main feature is to subvert the rules governing the relations among humans, starting from the oldest commandment: you shall not kill.

That’s why the people supposed to protect the weak from the violent shot on the hostage. It’s the war, baby.



Annunziata down

Lucia Annunziata announced today her resignation from RAI Presidency.

With an easy joke, (perhaps not obvious in English) one can say it was an azione annunziata (announced action).

Mrs. Annunziata took office in the worst possible way; deciding in few minutes to replace the previous candidate, which was supported by many, with the exception of Mr. Berlusconi.

Many people predicted then a brief and unpleasant career, and so it was.
Why she decided to face such a foreseeable fate is not clear. Probably, she had strong pressure and assurances. Most likely, there was the lure for power, status and money.

Unfortunately, she damaged not only herself but the slight remains of democracy in Italy.