I am an early-luncher

Since in Brussels, I go for lunch progressively earlier.

First reason is to avoid a middle morning heavy break with ‘cappuccino and cornetto’, which would put at stake my cholesterol levels and would defy my reject for lactose.

Then, going soon to the canteen, I have not to compete with hordes of ravenous colleagues, desperate for getting some food and sit on the best places.

Furthermore, when I go back to the office, almost everybody is gone, guaranteeing some more minutes of quiet and silence.


D as Dance

Never been a good dancer.  Being a kid, I remember rather disrupting parties while others were dancing.

Still dance has always appealed to me and finally in 1993, in London, I joined a ballroom course, very interesting experience.  It was organised in the same school where I was attending a language course and attendants were quite diverse, most of them British with some foreigners, all ages, and the two most interesting features were that 1. there were not pre-fixed couples, but everyone had to dance with all others and 2. males were a minority, and one got the impression to be sought after (for once….).

In London we also went to a salsa place where there were a few minutes’ instructions beforehand, but this is another story.

Later on, in Roma, we joined a salsa course, but here couples were established and the different approaches to dancing lessons came out, based more on learning the steps or having fun.  It did not work very well.

Finally (for the moment) another ballroom course, but in Brussels, not as good as the first one (and probably I had changed too).