UN reform

United Nations actually need reform.

It became a self-referential body, where 90% of time and resources are spent to keep the machine going. The flow of information and action points at the interior of the organization rather than outside.
Some people are preparing reports for other people who are using those reports to establish new guidelines for the preparation of the next report.

We were right, when we were young, to say that those salaries, those cars, those radios represented a waste.

Of course, an international arena trying to influence the reality is needed, and some, few, results are there, but it simply cost too much. And produce little. And many of the people do not produce anything valuable. And are not good for the job.

Qualunquismo is probably an illness coming with age, but, I quote again Patricia De Lille: enough is enough.


Les patrons sont tous morts

This appellation, patron, nag me from Chad.

What a paradox, for someone pretending to contribute to better relations among countries and among people, to be called patron, with the simplicity and directness of a long experience.

Are we the same as before?

I often answer, the masters are all dead. But I’m conscious that’s not true, the masters are still there, in our mind as well as in the mind of the others.

In French patron has a faintly softer meaning, it’s used also for the principal at work, but I never use capo to define people I am working for. Colleagues.

Am I a patron? Younger I didn’t accept having people working for me. Later on I compromised. I’m not happy with that.

Sometimes I was accused of patronising, and I have to admit I have this tendency; is this the same?