Waiting for the moon

Since some days we were looking to the sky wondering if the following day we had to go to the office.

It is the conclusion of Ramadan, which is marked by the appearance of the new moon.

The opinions were divided, many hoping to have the celebration on Wednesday and others rather keen on Thursday.

Eventually, it was Thursday, today, and along the street you can see bunches of children smartly dressed visiting new places.

Depending on the moon to schedule meetings and activities was a nice feeling, an ancient one.


Waiting for the plane

Here we are, then. Checking the e-mail, watching the incredible Ivorian TV and waiting to be rescued. The Embassy informed us about a ‘plan zed’ to collect the people from their houses and transport them to the airport. We cross everything we can and explore alternative escape ways.
Situation is calm, sometimes, with sun going down, some shots.
I start thinking about capuccino, mozzarella and churros.

Waiting time

Waiting is an action.

It can be a tiring experience or a rewarding activity, depending on several circumstances.

The first element is the location. A long time ago, I used to arrange appointments with friends at nice places (the bridge in front of Castel S. Angelo, Piazza Navona), so that the wait was not unpleasant.

Then I start drawing (some samples appeared on this blog), thus taking advantage of the time.

Few years ago I noticed that waiting was becoming a stressful occurrence, and soon after I understood that was a signal of the approaching crisis for the 40th anniversary.

As for now, I generally read the newspaper (free press come very handle for this purpose) and sometimes, as today, I draft the next blog entry.