A stone among the lentils

Today at lunch we had lentils with rice (strange meal for me, I prefer pasta e lenticchie) and I found a little stone in my plate.

This had not happened from a lot of time, and it represented a nice souvenir.

Before (before what?) we often had stones among the lentils, and we prepared the ‘bottles’ with tomato sauce and on the streets of my hometown village there were more donkeys than cars.

And there was less stuff, less expenses; we did order something in a bar just when we needed the toilet, and at the restaurant we didn’t order fruits.


The fight among the bull and the donkey

Travelling through Spain you can’t avoid remarking the big black figures of bull disseminated along the road.

Starting as an advertisement for an alcohol company, the bull has become the symbol of a certain Spain, and you can find it stuck on the back of many cars (mainly red cars).

Then the donkey came, spreading out from Catalunya in order to propose an alternative identification of Spanish soul.

As shown below, the outline is not dissimilar, the bull’s horns matching the donkey’s ears, but the message is rather inconsistent.

We opted for the donkey (our car is gray).

Riferimenti: Catalan donkey web-site