Music selection

While writing this blog, I am listen to the assortment of songs I put together with Napster before and recently Win MX.

It?s quite a classic selection, nationalpopular, mainly Italian, mostly ?cantautori?, largely Guccini, De Gregori, De André.

Some Latin America: Mercedes Sosa, Inti Illimani, Chico Buarque. Together with Cesaria Evora.

I have looked for the music I have listen during my life, nothing special, Bob Marley, Pino Daniele, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, one edition of Sanremo.

I have also found some hits of I Giganti.

Gaber is quite well represented, as Lucio Battisti and Paul Simon. Of course, there is Biko, Depende, and Tonino Carotone.

One of the longest song is Arlo Guthrie?s Alice?s Restaurant.

I?m afraid there is not a lot published after 1979. I tried hard to find Freak out, but probably that was not the right title. Next time I will look for YMCA, it was funny.

Suggestion, as usual, welcomed.