‘o Vesuvio

I was urged to write something interesting, because I am preparing a collection of 2004 blog’s notes as a Christmas gift for the family (“how mean” someone will comment).

And it had to be robust and appealing, as the last inputs have been quite weak.

And obviously an image was needed, because images make a better blog (and for sure a better gift).

Then, this is the Vesuvio volcano.

But I do not know what to say.


Other chickens

There is not a real reason to publish this drawing today.

But I noticed that the blog is nicer when there are some images, and this is one I like.

I often draw chickens. I mean, I drew three or four chicken-based images in my life.

However, as I cannot determine what to draw, four is quite a good number.

Another subject that came out often from my tracing lines on white paper was a middle-age knight. He inspired also some brief lyrics.

These are chickens. Elegant, vibrant, multicoloured, but chickens.


Bruxelles is a quiet place. Ordered and well organised; before going out, you can check on the internet at which point is the bus you want to get.

It?s plenty of little restaurants, cafès, brasseries. People are generally courteous.

Yes, the sky is often grey, but I see the sun almost every time I come. And I come often, lately.