These two notes were published in March and accidentally erased, I am duplicating them ‘a futura memoria’.


postato da mc7858 [mercoledi 31 marzo 2004 ore 16:21:43]

I prepared this haiku for a competition organised by the Japanese Embassy in Roma.
I did not win.
Perhaps, I did not respect carefully the strict rules about Haiku writing.

Please, read:

Swallow in a cage

cat is looking for

wild brawl

feathers for dinner


La mala educación

postato da mc7858 [mercoledi 31 marzo 2004 ore 18:14:44]

Barcelona, 31 March 2004

We went to see last Almodóvar’s movie, La mala educación.
I did not like it. I couldn’t find the gracia that was in the previous films, Todo sobre mi madre and Habla con ella. Those ones were also touching sensitive circumstances, but there was space for laugh and emotion.
I would not comment on the plot as I don’t like to know about a movie beforehand.
The main actors are good; one of them is the protagonist of Amores Perros, movie that I could not follow until the end, too violent, too much blood.
La mala educación will open the Cannes Festival, let’s wait for reviews.


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