As affirmed from the beginning, writing in English is the main point of this blog.
And Word`s® Thesaurus is one of the tools facilitating that objective.
I placed the option Thesaurus on the heading of the program, next to copy, past and cut, and I use it generously.

Of course, an exaggerated utilization of this facility may bring to incongruous results, but there is where I count on the reaction of the readers (not very frequent, so far).

I also use the interactive dictionary distributed by L’Espresso, and the GuruNet resource, very useful, but needing connection to the Internet (you may find the details below).

The use of the Thesaurus is anyway the option I prefer, as it permits surprise and creativity (and I could have written revelation and imagination, or shock and inspiration, or wonder and resourcefulness ?..)

Riferimenti: GuruNet


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