The purchase of two phalaenopsis in IKEA inaugurated our dealing with orchids.

Soon after that, I travelled to Madagascar and at the Flower’s market I did buy more than 20 little plastic bags with orchid’s seeds, from pleasant and amused sellers. I took note of the different names and colours, and only once back home we discovered from Internet that you do not sow orchids.

The reproduction process of these plants is an odd one, recently defined, that need a germ-free environment and particular conditions.

Not discouraged by the incident, we bought in Thailand some plants and two bottles, where, immersed in a “primordial soup” there were more than 40 little sprouts, Vanda variety, a real orchid champion as the lady-seller said.

We are very proud about our first plant (the IKEA one), which engendered a keiki (new plant coming out from the stem of the “mother” one) that you can admire below.

PS to import those plants from Thailand we went to the local office of CITES (international agreement for the protection of tropical species) to get the official authorization


2 thoughts on “Orchids”

  1. 1) You need to say I bought rather than I did buy.

    2)It would be better to say:

    “that requires” rather than “that need”

    You need the third person form of the verb because you are talking about the process not the plants.

    3)rather than engendered I would say:

    …which has some new shoots coming through….


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