Travelling through La Mancha

During the Easter holidays we went to Manzanares, at the hearth of the Mancha region, to call on the family.

We visited the mills, bought the cheese, ate any kind of traditional Easter cakes.

The space is huge and boundless, well cultivated, everywhere fields, green or brown, olive trees, vineyards, plough tracks.

We went to Ciudad Real and Toledo, beautiful but wrapped up in pointless shops, and many little pueblos.

We followed the processions, observing the masked cofradias, the crucifix and the sacred images carried on people’s back.

Allusion to Mexico and America, amplitude and traditions, colours and loneliness.


2 thoughts on “Travelling through La Mancha”

  1. Excuse me for my English, it?s terrible. The Spain is wonderful place. I be delighted of leave in Spain. Greetings, by sly75


  2. I like very much the expression “wrapped up in pointless shops”, very picturesque, although not really british…


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