One year

From one year I am fighting with English by way of this blog.

I travelled in Haiti, Ivory Coast, many times in Bruxelles, different regions of Spain, probably Paris, Picerno.

I have bought a car, some orchids, wooden masks and produced a new collection of Cravates d’Afrique, multicoloured swimsuits, jewellery.

There was the evacuation from Abidjan, the Tsunami, the failure of Volare, too many kidnapping in Iraq and, last and actually least, Berlusconi’s new government.

I wonder if my English improved. For sure, my attitude towards this idiom has changed, I am more confident, the idea of having to start a note or a letter does not worry me excessively.

I have the impression I know when I am writing something wrong, but I don’t always have the capacity, time or patience to look for a better alternative.

In any case, it is a pleasant exercise. And it was not a bad year.