Waiting time

Waiting is an action.

It can be a tiring experience or a rewarding activity, depending on several circumstances.

The first element is the location. A long time ago, I used to arrange appointments with friends at nice places (the bridge in front of Castel S. Angelo, Piazza Navona), so that the wait was not unpleasant.

Then I start drawing (some samples appeared on this blog), thus taking advantage of the time.

Few years ago I noticed that waiting was becoming a stressful occurrence, and soon after I understood that was a signal of the approaching crisis for the 40th anniversary.

As for now, I generally read the newspaper (free press come very handle for this purpose) and sometimes, as today, I draft the next blog entry.


2 thoughts on “Waiting time”

  1. ciao blog entry sono isa! la tua teacher deve essere in vacanza perhce ti posto il primo commento ogni tanto ti leggo e mi fa piacere e mi diverte ti mando un bacio anche a marga prima delle vacanze che me ne parto per la corsica venerdi prossimo cosi spero sia di voi che state bene e a barcellona poi ci vediamo presto meglio cosi CIAOOOO ciao


  2. Hello Paolo,

    Sorry for the delay in correcting your blogs. Here are my comments for this one:

    ..then I started drawing..

    ..A few years ago..

    …that it was a sign of the approaching crisis ..”

    I dont understand what you mean by 40th anniversary, do you mean 40th birthday? Íf that is the case you would need to say ” the crisis of becoming 40 or the mid-life crisis”

    For now, I generally read the newspaper (the free press comes in very handy for this) and sometimes,like today, I draft the next blog entry.


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