Back on the football pitch …..

But not sure to be ready ….




During the last 5 days I lost my temper 4 times with 4 (and more) different people.
That’s not usual for me, I am probably tired. Coming here directly from Ivory Coast was a bit too much and here, after some weeks looking for the job I was supposed to do I am now into many things, all of them completely disorganised.

The point is that going away for some days is not simple, especially if I want to conciliate it with my wife.

To change perspective a bit, I am translating the business presentation of my ties enterprise, see below the first part:

From 1989, in several countries, Cravates d’Afrique started producing ties with the pagnes or the fabrics available on the local market.

The activity started in Burkina Faso where, with Thomas Sankara, the Faso Fani (Faso’s fabrics) became a symbol for the values of the Incorruptible men’s country, and a media for communication of development programmes.

Then it continued with the collection Mandela for President, realised with the propaganda materials of African National Congress,

With the collection Routes d’Asie, that had a first phase with the Cambodian silk, bought in Phnum Srock village directly from the producers, and a second phase with Bangladesh fabrics.

The collection Malawian Tea followed, utilising the indigo materials bought travelling from Lilongwe to Blantyre. The drawing of those cloths recalls the marks left from a tea sachet.

And the collection Congolaize, realised with the pagnes from Kinshasa.

In Ivory Coast Cravates d’Afrique managed to organise the activity in a more structured way.