Alitalia is a shame


Everybody knew that Berlusca’s intervention would have lead to disaster, but he did his way.

And he will not pay the bill.

As usual.


It’s a shame

I sympathize with British people, specially Londoners, and with the police too, submitted to very difficult situation and stress.

I know that mistakes, sometimes horrible and dramatic mistakes are possible, and it is very sad when innocent people are involved.

But the phrase of Mr. Blair (as reported by The Guardian), after expressing soreness for the death of Jean Charles De Menezes is a shame:

“I think it is important that we give them every support and that we understand that had the circumstances been different and, for example, this had turned out to be a terrorist and they had failed to take that action, they would have been criticised the other way,” he said.

And the fact that this news -8 bullets shot at the head of this young guy guilty of wearing an heavy coat in London-, was not among the main news in the home page of The Guardian web site and was not at all present in Times home web page today contribute to the sense of misery.

And the ‘scoop’ on him being a student and on his supposedly expired student visa is desolating.

On the same web edition of The Guardian, Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, said she was “disgusted” by the suggestion that someone’s immigration status might have any relevance to the value of their life.

At last, the declaration of Mr. Straw, Foreign Affairs Secretary as reported in Italian by L’Unità, that
the request for compensation will be treated in a short time and with the most of goodwill is the final injury.