W as walking

Walking is important in my life, even if I am quite a lazy character.
There is this song by Gaber that says the road is the only salvation.
Several times I felt that way.
That going on the road could help to redefine its own objectives or help overcoming difficult periods.
I walked a lot with the scouts, normally going up somewhere. It was before the use of the ‘trekking’ vocabulary, before decathlon, when the equipment was rather bought second-hand from old military stuff.
I didn’t reach any exciting destination, several times stopped before getting the top of a mountain but this is not really the point. Not for me, at least.
Did less road since I am working in offices, but also going from country to country for the job was a sort of walking exercise.
Still, starting, getting into action has never been simple and indeed I need a clear goal to get into motion, I am never tempted by wandering without a plan.
I described elsewhere how after the fifties I got back to a tour with rucksack and tent and my try at Camino de Santiago.
Hope to have time and energy to do more.


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