N as Nix Palix

I  don’t know where this neologism come from.  The meaning was …. nothing, absolutely nothing, nicht, nada, no way.

These words carry me back to my childhood.

I think it was quite a good period.  It was peaceful, comfortable, safe, interesting.

My parents were there, I can still feel the security given by their presence.

There were brothers, cousins, aunties, grand parents, the large family.

And parents’ friends, whom we called zii as in the Southern Italy tradition.

There was everything we needed, without luxury and superfluous. Often we could not get what we wanted or do what we would have liked, but that was not a major problem.

Nix Palix was used when we were asking for more freselle to zia Sitta or, among us, when there were no french fries left, always too soon.

It was an healthy childhood, or I remember it so now. We were going to Piazza delle Muse to play with the friends almost every day.  We went to the school just in front of the house and we were buying the sorpresine from the signorina at the corner for 10 lire.

Every thing seems more complicate now for children.  No more sorpresine.



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