M as Moto Guzzi 50 Dingo Super Sport

My first experience with an engine vehicle was the most difficult: a friend’s peugeot 50  quite old, a solid beast that required an enormous effort to be woken up.

I risked to get a motobecane , via the intermediation of my uncle who supposedly could get hold of it at very special conditions an I finally entered the (relatively) comfortable world of piaggio cyclo-motors with a yellow ciao ciao

 then a blue boxer

 maybe even a bravo


Several years later, I bought the guzzi dingo 50 super sport  from a friend for few ‘lire’ and this represented a tremendous shift to the universe of speed, oil and risk.

The dingo was small and orange, with an impressive acceleration and good cruise-speed.

This specific piece had a problem with brakes, though. The anterior one was very weak, while that one in the back was too strong, completely blocking the wheel at the minimum touch.

I was risking my life anytime I tried to slow down. And all of that in the not-so-friendly traffic of Roma.

At a certain point I decided an upgrade and I gave away the dingo (as a gift, there was too much sentiment involved to sell it) and did buy a morini 3 ½

That was a moto, I still can hear its roar. It had a nice life and a deceiving death, cut out in pieces by a friend’s brother after getting all the useful pieces and then disposed in the rubbish containers. How sad.


Afterwards, I just had a nice suzuki 50 suzuki.JPG green with blue reflexes, while being back to Roma for some time.

And that was the end. I owned no 2 wheels engines anymore, just rented something for few days in vacation. But I am waiting the right moment to go for a vespa ……



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