When I wake up I go to the kitchen.

I lift up one of the two curtains which overlook the garden and I say hello to the dog.

Then I put water in the electric kettle and arrange  two tea cups close by, one of them with a tea bag.

When water is boiling, I pour it in the cup (that one with the tea inside) and then I do my gym exercises, always the same.

Exercise lasts just the time for the tea to be ready; at this point I pass the hot beverage from one cup to the other nine times in order to cool it down. I start with the full cup on my left hand.

Of course, before that I had squeezed the tea bag around a little spoon, possibly the transparent one.

After the refreshing procedure, I put the cup left empty in the sink and fill it up with the remaining hot water.  In the meantime I lay the other cup on a spongy tissue, in order to dry possible tea drops off.

Then, going to the table with this cup in my right hand I throw away the exhausted tea bag (with the left one, the hand).

Biscuits can be already on the table or I bring them now.

I eat several biscuits, Maria biscuits, and then go back to the sink and wash up the two cups with the water, that is now just warm .

Then I go back to the bedroom to put on one of my numerous and colourful ties.


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