I am an early-luncher

Since in Brussels, I go for lunch progressively earlier.

First reason is to avoid a middle morning heavy break with ‘cappuccino and cornetto’, which would put at stake my cholesterol levels and would defy my reject for lactose.

Then, going soon to the canteen, I have not to compete with hordes of ravenous colleagues, desperate for getting some food and sit on the best places.

Furthermore, when I go back to the office, almost everybody is gone, guaranteeing some more minutes of quiet and silence.


One thought on “I am an early-luncher”

  1. Since I don’t like crowded places I might I agree with you(though I make an exception for meals: actually I prefer having meals in a busy restaurant; the more people you find in it, the more is good and fresh the food!), but I notice two possible contraindications: 1. eating on your own could affect your mood; 2. eating too early might need a further meal during the day ( with more danger for cholesterol’s degree (I must keep an eye on it too). Albix


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